Corporate Social Responsibility

At Regenersis, our job is important – protecting the reputations of the leading brands we serve. As a result, we place Corporate Responsibility and responsible business practices at the core of our service proposition.

Sustainability Policy

Whilst delivering a business model with a strong sustainable premise we have a duty to ensure that our day-to-day business practices are undertaken ethically, safely, environmentally and in a socially responsible manner. This obligation is to society as a whole and to our employees, customers, suppliers, communities and shareholders.

We seek to continuously improve the quality and performance of our services, providing innovative solutions to our customers’ changing requirements whilst operating to the highest ethical and business conduct standards. Our commitment to our customers is underpinned by a strong supply chain. We encourage our suppliers to meet Regenersis’ own safety, health and environmental standards as well as adopting similar principles and standards of business.

Employee development and wellbeing is critically important to the continued success of our business. We acknowledge our talented and diverse workforce as a key business asset, seeking out, retaining and developing the highest calibre employees to maximise business growth and performance.

We aim to be a responsible partner in the communities in which we operate. We encourage our businesses to engage constructively with their local communities and contribute to their prosperity through providing employment, local charitable support, and volunteering.

We maintain our environmental leadership position based on the fundamental building blocks of sustainability and remain committed to the 3Rs – Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. We have documented Environmental Management Systems for all our facilities to ensure effective planning, operation and control of our environmental impacts. Twelve of our fifteen repair facilities are certificated to ISO 14001, with our newest locations in Memphis, Moscow and Teplice currently working towards achieving certification.

The Group delivers services to its clients and their customers that not only further the cause of sustainability but does so in a way that ensures the Group will continue to prosper by virtue of doing the right thing.

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