Corporate Social Responsibility

At Regenersis, our job is important – protecting the reputations of the leading brands we serve. As a result, we place Corporate Responsibility and responsible business practices at the core of our activities.

Sustainability Policy
Regenersis operates a business model that embraces sustainability as the core of our service proposition. Our sustainable business practices are cost effective, build employee and customer loyalty, and drive new business for the Group. We maintain our environmental leadership position based on the fundamental building blocks of sustainability and remain committed to the 3Rs - Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

Our services extend the productive life of consumer electronics and reduce unnecessary consumption. We refurbish and repair products to exacting manufacturer’s standards, so that these products can then be reused either in their home market or matched to a secondary market. When a product is beyond economical repair, we safely and responsibly recycle it, recover the materials and ensure they are put back into use for future products.

The Group continues committed to its green credentials and the end-to-end services it manages on behalf of its clients. These include the Producer Compliance Scheme operated in the UK for the benefit of the mobile phone industry. In addition we have documented Environmental Management Systems for all our facilities to ensure effective planning, operation and control of our environmental impacts. Each of our facilities is certificated to ISO 14001.

These environmental management systems ensure that we:

  • Provide fully auditable and sustainable solutions that enable whole life cycle management for all the products we support through repair avoidance, technical repair, refurbishment, re-use and recycling
  • Manage and minimise environmental risks identified in our operations, maintain our 100% regulatory compliance record and measure our environmental performance annually
  • Assess the environmental performance of key suppliers, and co-operate with suppliers, customers and business partners to achieve higher environmental standards
  • Encourage sustainable development through business example and voluntary endeavors, both nationally and within the local community; and
  • Minimise the impact on the environment of our operations as related to the emission of CO2 to help combat climate change

The Group delivers services to its clients and their customers that not only further the cause of sustainability but does so in a way that ensures the Group will continue to prosper by virtue of doing the right thing.