Award winning technical call centre




"We selected Regenersis over the more typical call centre providers because they understood the total cost of after-sales and could deliver not only the high quality of service we required, but an excellent understanding of our requirement to deliver the best customer experience all underpinned by a high level of integrated technical expertise.” 

LG were keen to move away from a typical call centre environment of ‘call taking’ to a solution that would deliver a far greater level of support – encompassing not only traditional call centres, but call avoidance using webchats and social media – like Facebook and Twitter to proactively support customers. 

The solution we delivered was more than just a call centre service. This solution was designed around the entire customer experience – before a call was made, during the call, and their post-call experience. We also recognised the value of using the latest technical and social media tools to provide better customer service and repair avoidance.

We were able to demonstrate that by encouraging customers to follow LG on social media, we could provide product advice and guidance – resulting in call reduction and repair avoidance, and reduced product returns. This had the added benefit of improving the customer’s experience with LG products, delivering better results more cost effectively. 

To ensure that LG and its customers remain satisfied, we have very clear KPIs against which we are measured on a monthly basis. We strive for continuous improvement. 

Within a ranking of LG call centres in Europe we are consistently ranked as number 1 in terms of SLA adherence. 

In fact, the call centre was ranked first by Maia Consulting, scoring a massive 70% (15% above our competitors like Apple, IBM, and HP).