Major Shareholders as at 1 July 2014

  % Holdings Number of shares
M&G Investment Funds 12.84 10,144,928
Hanover Investors Partners 6.6 5,217,651
Impax Asset Management 5.04 3,982,250
Hargreave Hale 3.21 2,539,000
Investec Asset Management 3.10 2,450,000
NFU Mutual Insurance Society 3.91 3,092,225
FIL Limited 4.13 2,057,491
Issued Share Capital as at  1 July  2014:  79,022,599    




Directors’ Shareholdings

  % Holdings Number of Shares
Matthew Peacock * *
Jog Dhody  0.53 418,081
Tom Russell  * *
Rob Woodward  0.01 4,459
Michael Peacock  0.01 3,000
*Matthew Peacock and Tom Russell have an indirect beneficial interest in the shares of the Group, through their association with Hanover Investment Management LLP. The combined holding of Hanover Investors Management LLP and its connected parties is referred to above.
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