Our Strategy

Our strategy is to direct our innovation — organically and via M&A — towards areas which address attractive markets (large; high growth; high margin) and which have synergies with existing business (clients, operations, services).

This includes two main axes of development:

  • Adding new Advanced Solutions to our portfolio; and
  • Building the most attractive operations to serve our large multinational clients.

Depot Solutions

Our clients are global market leaders in their respective fields. Historically, they have outsourced their repair services to partners like Regenersis, but on a one country at a time basis. Increasingly, our customers are managing the delivery of the aftermarket services through either a regional or global basis.

As a result, our strategy is to build the most attractive geographic footprint of operations to serve our large multinational clients’ growing international needs.

Advanced Solutions

The first Advanced Solutions service line to be developed was the Infield Tester technology (IFT), a disruptive solution for the CATV market (set top boxes) which eliminates returns (“no fault found”) and reduces end-customer frustration and lost content. This product addresses a market of millions of set top boxes returned annually around the world.

The next wave of development included new developments in Digital Care, which was identified as a fundamentally larger and more valuable market than Repair.

Service Lines

In combination we now see a cluster of complementary capabilities which can enable the next wave of innovation. For example: self-service tablet “kiosks” positioned in mobile shops, delivering buyback, insurance, issue resolution data transfer and erasure in-store.         

We also developed new capabilities in device refurbishment (restoring devices to pristine, ‘as new’ condition) in order to support the Renew sector.

Recently the front line has shifted to software services, specifically mobile diagnostics and repair avoidance, via our investment in Xcaliber Technologies, and data erasure, via our acquisition of Blancco. These new software businesses have good synergies with existing divisions, for example, repair avoidance is a part of an integrated repair solution.

Putting our strategy into action

We have identified three “game changers” which form an integral part of the operating platform of the business:

Focus on these three areas is the key to successfully delivering the service quality and innovation which fuels client satisfaction and recurring income. Examples of recent progress in these areas includes:

  • Integration — New global sales force and divisional operating structure
  • People — New senior management
  • M&A — Investment in Xcaliber Technologies and acquisition of Blancco

Within each of our service lines (for example Digital Care, Data Erasure, IFT) we have specific objectives and plans to win new business, improve profitability, and increase competitive advantage.

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