Our Strategy

Our strategy is to build and grow our portfolio of businesses focused on the electronic device aftermarket. Maintaining the leading market position of our Depot Solutions business is a key foundation of our strategy. We aim to increase the value of the business to all its stakeholders by rapidly growing our Software and Advanced Solutions businesses including device diagnostics, insurance and erasure. The two divisions are mutually supportive in terms of client relationships, technologies, people and capabilities.

By following this strategy we intend to provide our clients with innovative and valuable services, our employees with good opportunities, and our shareholders with both revenue growth and a strong upwards trend in profit margins.

Depot Solutions

Our Depot Solutions Division operates client oriented electronic repair and refurbishment facilities around the world, being one of the leading operators in this field.  The Division contributed 78% of total Group revenue and 48% of Headline Operating Profit in the most recent reported period.

Our clients are global market leaders in their respective fields. Historically, they have outsourced their repair services to partners like Regenersis, but on a one country at a time basis. Increasingly, our customers are managing the delivery of the aftermarket services through either a regional or global basis.

As a result, our strategy is to build the most attractive geographic footprint of operations to serve our large multinational clients’ growing international needs.

Advanced Solutions

Our Software and Advanced Solutions Division comprises innovative businesses with attractive growth and margin potential, which benefit from Regenersis’s global presence and client relationships in Depot Solutions.  This currently includes Blancco, a software business which is the global market leader in securely erasing data from devices; Regenersis’s Set Top Box diagnostics business, which provides automated functionality testing; Digital Care, which provides smartphone accidental damage insurance programmes in partnership with insurance underwriters; and Xcaliber Technologies, a software business in the area of smartphone issue diagnosis and resolution.  The Division contributed 22% of total Group revenue and 52% of Headline Operating Profit in the most recent reported period.

Putting our strategy into action

We have identified three “game changers” which form an integral part of the operating platform of the business:

  • Integration — developing consistency and synergies across our global portfolio
  • People — attracting and retaining high caliber employees
  • M&A — acquiring and investing in complementary businesses which benefit from being part of the Regenersis group
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