We deliver a wide range of solutions that reduce the total cost of after-sales, improve customer satisfaction and retention, and deliver improved business efficiencies.  


Our solutions are tailor-made in

partnership with our clients.  

At Regenersis, we are Turning Around Technology. Our business revolves around technology and the customers we serve.

For example, if it’s new to the market, our call centres will help train your customers to getthe most from the new device.  In the unfortunate event of a product malfunction, we will diagnose and fix it quickly and to the highest quality --either in thecustomer's home, or back at one of our depots. 

However, our repair avoidance solutions can often eliminate the need for repair -- saving cost and improving customer satisfaction.

We can manage your product returns, and refurbish and repackage the products to as-new condition; and when the user wants to upgrade to the latest model, we will re-market it or recycle their old one.

We do all of this using the latest technology and the best customer service, and we do it consistently around the world.

Our team know the importance of protecting your valuable brand.  They recognise that they have the power and responsibility to ensure that your customers' experience is the best it can be.

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