Contact Centre Solutions


Regenersis provides a fully managed suite of services to support general consumer enquiries through to high-level technical support

The best way to reduce the cost of repair and reverse logistics is to stop the device coming back in the first place, by solving the problem in the customer’s hands. If the device has to come back, the most important driver of the customer’s experience is how they are dealt with during the process. 

Regenersis operates contact centres for clients across many functional areas and device types. We provide phone, email, white-mail and web chat solutions which support millions of service events a year. 

Last year the call centre we operate for LG in the UK ranked Number 1 in a benchmark study carried out by Maia Consulting, and published in ‘Call Centre Focus’ magazine.  Regenersis scored 70%, ahead of brand leaders like Apple (56%), Canon ( 56%), IBM ( 68%), HP (59%), Microsoft (44%), and Sony (61%). Maia consulting said: "The customers are also coming to the call with a lot of knowledge.  So for the agent to possess all that knowledge but also be able to apply it makes it a particularly impressive achievement.”


"We selected Regenersis over the more typical call centre providers because they understood the total cost of after-sales and could deliver not only the high quality of service we required, but an excellent understanding of our requirement to deliver the best customer experience all underpinned by a high level of integrated technical expertise.”